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Amini rugs - Ritagli by Elisa Ossino

Ritagli, the new carpets born from the collaboration between Amini and Elisa Ossino, are the result of a research that explores new expressive territories, through hand-drawn shapes that go beyond the materiality of the rug.

Taste for shapes essentiality and chromatic refinement; these are characterising elements of Ritagli, the new collection designed by Elisa Ossino. Rugs that arise from the combination of hand-drawn shapes, cut out and subtracted from the carpet’s material, in which the contours outline has been marked with black color to replicate the pencil’s stroke, on a chromatically uniform or multicoloured fleece. Bamboo silk and New Zealand wool yarns have been chosen for this collection which, in a completely natural way, blends playful features and extraordinary refinement.