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Amini rugs - Valparaise, Danza by Rene Gruau

Abstract and figurative illustrations that express the stylistic peculiarities of the French master: from the colours and lines of japonisme to the ineffable elegance of the silhouettes.

Valparaise - The elegant and sinuous lines designed by René Gruau for Fede Cheti represent a modern, floral motif, inspired by traditional Japanese prints. The Valparaise rug, available in two color variations - white and yellow - is the result of the elaboration of the Artist’s beloved subjects and their translation into a refined and unmistakable artifact.

Danza - Carpet Danza enhances the visionary and evocative aesthetics of the Japonisme work of René Gruau, where curved lines bring movement and the combination of bright colors is by design. The collaboration between the Italian-French artist and the Milanese entrepreneur Fede Cheti gives shape to a unique carpet, hand-knotted in a precious mix of wool and silk.