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The new Emmemobili collection, presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2018, faithful to the company’s philosophy, is inspired by new influences and collaborations. The skill, the competence and the refined sensitivity are expressed by contemporary pieces of furniture, which more and more combine the presence of different precious and refined materials with the tailoring wooden manufacturing expressed by increasingly valued finishes and more and more complex and enterprising shapes. Curved multilayer wood, solid wood and slices finished with skilful intarsia and carvings, presented in new finishes and textures, obtained thanks to the acquired ability in the processes of sandblasting, pigmenting and patination. From the bright tones of the thermo-threated oak to the grey shades of the bog oak and the deep black of the pigment of the Indian ink colour. The wood, always the main character of the collection, is enriched by several inserts in metal – brass, bronze and silver – and by real cameo in precious marbles or uncommon stones, carefully finished and included in the composition of the furniture. The new collection highlights more and more the high appreciation for the constructional detail together with the decorative expression of the furniture.

Ferruccio Laviani, Elena Pancandi and Giuliano Cappelletti are the designers of the proposals of Emmemobili 2018.